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SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Services Only:

Making Waves Plan

$750 per month
The perfect service for ensuring your brand is visible online. Also great if your target market is a small geo target of just one city's name, and/or a limited number of keywords with relativity little online competition.

Nice Swells

$1500 per month
Best plan for a slightly larger geo of multiple "connected" cities within one metroplex. We'll assess your online competitors and determine the keywords that can create quality traffic to your site. Included is the ability to track all your online leads (regardless thru CPM or another vendor) by using java script and tracking software for calls, emails, online sales and other conversions. A great plan for businesses looking for new prospects as we optimize the site and landing pages for a good amount of keywords with monthly tracking of competitors included.

Tropical Storm

$2200 per month
The perfect plan for businesses whom sell statewide or nationally. Combines everything under the Nice Swells service but ensures multiple metroplexs are targeted. This monthly service's objective 
is to show search engines the website isn't targeting a certain area of the country but to optimize the webpages to be the absolute best source for online information about certain topics. Landing pages, blogs, product/services pages and more should be created and then optimized for bots to crawl. Once traffic is created, we work to ensure prospects are engaged and ultimately become customers through either a ecommerce transaction or the business's sales process.

Cat 5 Hurricane level with Custom Monthly Pricing
Larger reach businesses with lots of keywords and online competitors for nationwide or even North America searchers (a must have for  large ecommerce sites that solely transact online). 

SEO & Marketing Plan Execution:

Making Waves Plan

$1000 per month

Need help in developing a marketing or branding plan to execute on a consistent basis? With this plan we do more than just ensure your site is ranking on Google/Bing/Yahoo/etc for certain keywords. This plan is designed to come along site and ensure the type of traffic we are creating meets with a well thought out marketing plan for your business to execute. 

Nice Swells

$2000 per month

Included in all of these services is not only the Search Engine Optimization services listed on this page, but also Compass Point's professional staff working with you to assess your business's marketing plan and how it relates to the website and Google searches. Communication and messaging of key USPs and marketing plan objectives will be key as we work to gauge client interation with the webiste as well as ensuing the inside reality of your business becomes the outside perception for prospects and customers when viewing the business online.

Most all website changes stemming from this service that would affect SEO rankings and/or online sales and online client interactions, are included and not billed separately in most cases.

Tropical Storm

$3000 per month

Includes all services under SEO and Nice Swells, but in addition Compass Point staff can also assist in other customer marketing plan initiatives like branding, social media, email marketing, events, promotions, reviews or even direct sales.

Most all website changes stemming from this service, that would affect SEO rankings and/or online client interactions, are included and not billed separately in most cases. 


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